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I believe that in order to achieve any goal you must enjoy the process of attaining it. Health and fitness to me is all about balance. Making sure my week is outweighed by good sleep, wholesome food, and quality workouts- not a slave to a restricted lifestyle or diet. The more you restrict the less you enjoy and the less you enjoy the more likely you are to fall off.

GG method is an equal balance of living your fullest life and learning how to properly fuel, move, and take care of your body. This is the only body you will have to take you through your life- Take care of it. 



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Genevieve is an amazing trainer. I had a very bad experience with an implant rupture due to exercise and she has worked with me on getting back up to the level I am trying to achieve. She listens to me and is always checking in making sure I don’t feel strained in my chest and knows ways to workout without using that muscle. SHE LISTENS! - So rare to find. I would recommend her to anyone with any level of fitness. She will push you just enough but never gives you what you can’t handle.

Courtney, 30, San Diego


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